The power of Popa Singh's Dream

From a young age, I remember Pops telling my brothers and I of the dream he had for his family. 


The dream was simple.  


After spending many years studying (whilst being supported by his wife), gaining a masters degree (whilst earning a wage being employed at a petrol station), then spending the next 20 years waking up at 6am to catch a train to build a teaching/lecturing career, Pops decided he wanted his children to have a different life.  To have the freedom to work when and how they wanted so they would be able to create their own future.


Aged 8 or 9, I remember waking up on Saturday mornings at 4am, being given breakfast by my mother and then being driven by my uncle and Pops to Southend market with a food trailer in tow to sell food for the day. 


For the next two decades, my brothers and I grew up with our father trying many times to make his dream come true, until eventually it became our dream too.   He held on to his dream through many, many failures and hardships, refusing to let go.


This dream (which had now become an idea) was so powerful and infectious it began to manifest itself in the form of opportunities which eventually led to Pops creating Mr. Singh's Hot Punjabi Chilli Sauce.  The product which launched our brand and caught the attention of the BBC.


Today, Pops is living his dream.  He gets to work with his boys (you have to hear him say this, it is hilarious!) and is in control of his own future. 


The new dream, my brothers' dream, our family's dream for Mr. Singh's is this.


We dream of our business being a global brand, us creating opportunities for those around us, creating wonderful products which being happiness to people's lives and to bring people together.


Everyday, through the good times and bad, we hold on and refuse to let go. 


For what it may mean to any person who is kind enough to read our blog, dream big, dream happy and hold on until you live it. 


I wish for your dreams to come true because I have seen first hand what it means for this to happen.   


Kuldip Singh Sahota


Mr. Singhs