Our heritage is shared with many others who came to Britain over 50 years ago, to build a new future and to dream!

We are British, with several generations of our family being born in East Africa and then going further back, our great grandparents being born in Punjab, India.

Hard working, loyal, honest and humble, from the way we live our lives, to the food we LOVE, our culture has British, East African and Indian influences.

You can often tell an East African Singh by the way he ties his turban or by the politeness she offers you upon meeting you for the first time.  If invited to dine, then be prepared to be fed like you have never been fed before with food which will make your palette dance with delight.

Mr. Singh's is telling this story in the 21st century through our range of products, food, brand and business.  Thank you for taking the time to read a little more about us and for giving us your time.

All our love

The Singh family